Dry Erase Board Printing - Custom Printed Sizes Up To 60 Inches

Custom printed dry erase boards are a versatile reusable solution that are perfect for offices, training workshops, sales and production teams. Smaller dry erase boards can be printed on standard foamcore while larger boards longer than 36" are better suited for stronger extra rigid gator board. The most commonly ordered boards are 3/16" thick and we also have substantial 1/2" extra thick dry erase board stock available below.

Dry Erase Boards
Turnaround Time & Production Details:

Production time for most dry erase boards is 1-2 days until your order ships and overnight printing is available when next day delivery for an upcoming event is required. If you have any questions regarding file setup or print production, we are here to answer any questions you may have and can help setup your artwork if you need assistance.

Standard Dry Erase Foamcore Board

Foam core is a highly cost effect board stock used for mounted dry erase prints and is great for small to medium size boards measuring 36" or smaller. Foamcore dry erase boards are available in standard 3/16" inch and 1/2" inch thick boards.

Extra Rigid Dry Erase Gator Board

Gator board is a stronger more rigid material compared to foamcore and is best suited for prints larger than 36" because it limits flexing. Gatorboard is available in 3/16" inch and 1/2" inch thickness and also comes in white or black.

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